Terms and Conditions

Terms  and Conditions


The Michigan Assembly Network page is intended to be a nondiscriminatory interactive platform for like-minded men and women to use as a tool to share information, get to know one another, and grow as a community to better the Michigan Land and Soil. We ask those that choose to use this platform to be mindful of the stated intention and not use it as a place to post negative opinions, personal nonconstructive rhetoric, misleading or blatantly false information, or advertising for personal gain and/or agendas. While we do recognize and honor the right to free speech we also observe the limitations of such right being that it is only guaranteed so long as it causes no harm to others. That being said this page is a public page and encompasses many others immediately and well into the future. So again, be mindful of this fact as you choose your post. As this social network page is a platform provided by the Michigan Assembly the Members of the assembly reserve the right to block/remove any post or material that is not verified, proven, derogatory, or in any way directly or indirectly harmful to others.