Declaring as a self-governing American

Your Complete Remedy to all Owed Constitutional Guarantees and Unalienable Rights

Why Assemble?
On paper international bankers have been claiming the land has been abandoned by the American people and only Federal Employees & Dependents now reside as temporary Residents— tenants of the vacated land working for the governmental service contractors. Thus, these service contractor corporation CEOs have monetized these residents as security property of the governmental service providers to back their endless debt from irresponsible spending. This situation is far out-of-hand and our Country needs everyone who is able to help correct it.

If you are not a Federal Employee (Includes State of State & County of County) or Dependent, and wish to retain your unalienable rights and credit owed to turn this mess around, you can be a part of restoring the American Government to the checks and balances originally set in place.

To prove your earned or inherited right to self-governance, freedom, and the constitutional guarantees you are owed by the current contracted governmental service providers, assembling is necessary. American history is firmly rooted in the Declarations of Independence and assembling to self-govern,

What you will need

  • 13 like-minded people in your community
  • Firm values and integrity
  • Compassion for your brothers and sisters of all walks of life

Completing the Record

On July 6, 2021 Anna von Reitz declared, “this[The Michigan] Assembly stands dissolved. The paperwork that individuals have established for themselves to record their redemption of their birthright political status will stand.” Up until this executive action: The Michigan Assembly had requested a $45 Fee for the Standard Packet (includes letters & notices), an additional $30 for the Full Packet (928’s) and a additional $25 for an Assembly Official witnessing. Certified copies were $15 a package (up to 15 pages), additional pages $1/page. Common Carry Declaration $6, Record of Life $30(up to 3 children, additional $6/child).

Need Help? Click on the video above to watch a tutorial on the recording process.