Declaring Your Record as an American

Your Complete Remedy to all Owed Constitutional Guarantees and Unalienable Rights

Why Record?
On paper international bankers have been claiming the land has been abandoned by the American people and only Federal Employees & Dependents now reside as temporary Residents– tenants of the vacated land working for the governmental service contractors. Thus, these service contractor corporation CEOs have monetized these residents as security property of the governmental service providers to back their endless debt from irresponsible spending. This situation is far out-of-hand and our Country needs everyone who is able to help correct it.

If you are 21 or older, not a Federal Employee (Includes State of State & County of County) or Dependent, and wish to retain your unalienable rights and credit owed to turn this mess around, you must clarify such with this simple process that has been provided by researchers and retired government employees that recognized the problem-at-large. If you are an Employee or Dependent we have a form for you as well to ensure your equal rights (equal to Americans state nationals).

To prove your earned or inherited right to self-governance, freedom, and the constitutional guarantees you are owed by the current contracted governmental service providers, a Declaration is necessary. American history is firmly rooted in declarations. The paperwork helper tools are an easy fool-proof way to assist you in completing all the forms and notices to print and record to correct all false presumptions and take back control of the land we live on.

What you will need

  • Two witnesses that know you well (ideally 7 or more years)
  • A original Birth Certificate, Certificate of Live Birth, or Naturalization proof
  • Passport quality color photo of your face & shoulders on a white or neutral backdrop (PLEASE use a current photo, it is used for your identification card)
  • Blue and red pens
  • Red wax or felt ink pad

Completing the Record

Enter your information & digital face photo in the Paperwork Tool linked below and click the save button. An email will be sent to you with the following step and access to your service ticket where all the documents will be created to download in the necessary format to print, autograph, seal and record. These documents are all done in original triplicates for record keeping so print and complete all three. You can use a Public Notary (Notary Public) to witness your autographs and signings of the Witness Testimonies, the Standard Declaration, the Declaration of Status and the Full Packet (928’s) if you prefer. Please follow the examples provided on the Document Download Page located on the top of your service ticket and add your seal (right red thumbprint)to the documents on your own after the witnessing as shown in the examples (touching the end of your autograph but not obscuring it).

The Letters and Notices do NOT require notarial witnessing or a seal(thumbprint). The completed documents along with your Birth Certificate (BC) or other proof originals will need to be sent to the Assembly Recording Office to complete the record. Once recorded you will receive your original BC back with a complete set of recorded and labeled documents along with the prepackaged envelopes with mailing labels ready for you to pay the postage and send out to the necessary Agencies and officers to inform them of the correction of the mistake. Alternatively, for a additional fee you may use the Assembly Recording Secretary to witness in place of a Notary in-person or over a live video call if you have a quality internet connection and camera available.

The Michigan Assembly request a $45 Fee for the Standard Packet (includes letters & notices), an additional $30 for the Full Packet (928’s) and a additional $25 for an Assembly Official witnessing. Certified copies are $15 a package (up to 15 pages), additional pages $1/page.